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Located in the center of Split, in Zadarska Street, local brand ‘Put Svile’ has been successfully building its brand for the past four years. Founder Blaženka Benkus, originally from Varaždin, has found her new home in the town at the foot of Marjan Hill, introducing garments as works of art. Her signature art creations are made of the finest material – silk.

– I have incorporated my life motto into my business, and it’s a simple one: Always do your best. So in this case, if we carefully pick out paint colours, precisely brush them onto the finest material in the world, sew a tailor-made dress with your name on the tag so that every garment is unique, then I think that we’ve succeeded. Although I sometimes think we’re choosing the hard road, because combining fashion and art – as well as employing quite a few people – can be very challenging, we still keep going because there is only one truth and you can’t lose yourself in it. Our customers truly recognize originality and quality, and I’m thankful to the beautiful city of Split for enabling me to realize my dreams in a business sense.

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